My Name is Iveth and I was born and raised in Panamá (Central America). I moved to the United States at the age of 19. Although I struggled with being in a new country and learning a new language, the love for crafts always kept me close to home and the ones that have taught me how to crochet.

I was later taught the basics of knitting by a friend’s daughter. I was so excited and I found every video possible on the internet to learn more about it and practice. 

From there my love for crafts grew more and more and have dabbed into other different things. I never get tired of learning new things and techniques and I love sharing this with you. 

My awesome husband Angel supports me in my crazy crafty endeavors, and we have two beautiful daughters who love to model my creations. I cannot wait to see their own knitting or crochet creations in the future. 

I am an introvert, but this space lets me express my creativity and I really hope you enjoy the content on this page and learn along with me. Feel free to contact me or follow me on social media! see the different ways to contact or follow me:


Over the Clip Bow
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