My girls love fireworks… my cat well not so much! although we don’t usually light up fireworks because it breaks y heart to see my cat hiding under the bed, we still enjoy the other 4th of July festivities. Of course my planner layout has to “dress” for the occasion!

House Rules: This is for personal use only. Please do not use commercially or modify. Like the spread and want to share it? please link the image or comments to this site, not the images. use #otcbprintables or tag @overtheclipbow in your Instagram account when showing your beautiful spreads. I cannot wait to see your tagged posts!


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2 thoughts on “Freedom Free Planner Printable Stickers

  1. I have tried downloading your free stickers and none of them will ever download. What am I doing wrong? I enter the password

    1. Hello! working on it.

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