A Different Easter






A Different Easter

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Oh is been a while! haven’t posted a free printable in a long time, and I see I only had Autumn, Christmas, and New Years’ themes. 

Now that we are in Spring and enjoying all the season’s glory, I wanted to give you an Easter-inspired theme. I wanted to do it in colors that were different from the usual. Here it is!



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For Vertical Layouts
For Happy Planner Classic
For Hobo and TNs

Published by Ivy R

Hello and welcome to my website! I have always loved doing crafts. In 2015 I discovered the planner community, and I saw all these pretty and functional accessories and I instantly fell in love. I decided to combine my love for crafting and planning to bring you my creations. I hope you love them, just as much as I did when I made them. Stop by again to see new releases coming to the shop! Iveth

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