Crochet Hair Scrunchie Tutorial






Crochet Scrunchie

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My daughters are in the hairdo stage, so they’re constantly asking for new things to use for their hair. I have made a scrunchie in the past for myself and they really liked it. so I decided to make some for them


Materials needed:

A soft cotton yarn like mercerized cotton, so it will not be too harsh on the hair. A soft acrylic yarn could also work. 

A crochet hook. Size recommended in the yarn label

A hair tie


A yarn needle



St; Stitch

sl st: Slip stitch

Sc: Single crochet

BLO: back loop only

Sts: Stitches


  • Start by doing a chain of 20. For a bigger scrunchie chain 30.
  • pass the chain through the hair tie, join the chain in a round with a sl st.
  • Sc all stitches on the first round
  • Sc in the BLO. keep working on all stitches this way to form a large tube around the hair tie. 
  • The tube needs to be larger than the hair tie, this way it could stretch out with the hair tie when using it. 
  • When achieving the desired length, join the ends with sl sts
  • cut yarn and weave ends

Watch the video tutorial for step by step instructions. Remember to pause when needed and go at your own pace.

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