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I’m always struggling with the mess inside my purse! I decided to make a small portable tissue pouch so I can keep my tissues tucked away and prevent them from getting out of the package and end up at the bottom of my purse.


Acrylic: Basic Stitch Acrylic Yarn

Or Cotton: Dishie Yarn

Circular Needle 


yarn or tapestry needle 


K: knit

P: purl

K1: knit one

P1: purl one

St: st

Sts: stitches

Cast on 20 sts

work K1, P1 rib for a total of 5 rows

Row 6: knit across

Row 7: purl across

Repeat rows 6 and 7 until the piece measures 7″ to 7.5″ or you can wrap it around the tissue pack

Switch to K1, P1 rib. Make a total of 5 rows

cast off in K1, P1 pattern

Leave a long tail for sewing. cut yarn and thread yarn needle with the yarn tail. bring the rib ends together facing inside out and ends overlapping. sew in the sides, cut yarn and weave ends. 

See the video below for visual instructions. Remember to pause when necessary and go at your own pace

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