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I have made these earrings for a gift, and it was a hit! they are very quick to make. it only takes about an hour to finish!

The materials needed are:

Curio Cotton Thread size 10 from We Crochet. Any other size 10 crochet thread is fine as well. 

35mm Hoop earrings ( I purchased mine from Hobby Lobby)


E6000 or Krazy Glue



Sc: single crochet

DC: double crochet

St: stitch

Sts: stitches

Run the thread through your pinky and index finger to control the thread tension. Position the earring in front of the thread on the index finger. insert the hook through the earring and yarn over. pull a loop through the earring. Yarn over and pull the loop through the first loop. 

SC the first three sts and with a toothpick, dab some E6000 glue on the section of the earring close to the end and position the thread in the glued area to prevent the stitches from slipping. 

continue with sc sts until reaching the other end of the earring. once that last st is made chain one and turn.

Dc three sts on the first three sts. apply E6000 glue to that end to secure that side. continue working three dc on each sts until the end. fasten off and weave ends. do the same to the other earring and you are done!

See the video below for more details. Remember to go at your own pace and pause when you need to. 

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