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Hello everyone!

I have been working from home since last March. this has had me rearranging things in the house and making new thing to decorate and things we need. We were out of washcloths and of course had to make some!
here are the materials needed to make them.

24/7 cotton yarn from Lion Brand or any cotton yarn will do. Cotton in my opinion is best to make washcloths. you can also go with Dishie from We Crochet.
straight or circular knitting needles. I prefer to knit with circular needles since is more comfortable. Also, there are no worries of stitches falling off the needles.
yarn needle

Written Pattern:

St: stitch
Sts: Stitches
k: knit
k2tog: Knit 2 together
kfb: knit front and back
yo: yarn over

Cast on 5 sts
Row 1: k5
Row 2: k5
Row 3: k3, kfb, k2 (6 sts)
Row 4: k6
Row 5: k3, yo, knit across
Repeat row 5 until you reach 55 sts

k2, k2tog, k2, knit across
repeat decrease until you are down to 6 sts

k2, k2tog,k2
bind off
cut yarn and weave ends

Here is the video to follow step by step. Remember to pause and go at your own pace if you need to

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