Crochet Thermal Stitch Pot Holder Tutorial

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Thermal Stitch Crochet Pot Holder

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Hello Everyone!

I thought of making this pot or pan holder and share the pattern with you. This was another pattern I found online and from watching a few youtube videos. I had two oven mittens, but they were taking too much space in my kitchen drawer.

 I find that 100% cotton yarn works the best. You can get this one and this one. they’re both great. You will also need a yarn needle and scissors. You can add more stitches to make it bigger. I did not want to make it too big, so I made it with 24 stitches. Here is the written pattern:

St: Stitch
YO: Yarn Over
SC: Single Crochet

row 1:Chain 24 stitches
row 2:Sc in the back loop of each st across
row 3:Insert the hook in the second st from the hook, sc every st across
row 4:Chain 1, turn, insert the hook in the back loop of the next st and the back loop of the st in the row below, yo, and pull the yarn through both loops. Yo and pull the yarn through the last two loops.
Repeat in every st across. Work 21 rows.
At the last row, single crochet in every st across.
Making the Loop
At the end of the last row, chain 11 stitches
sc around the chain, ending back at the end where the pad is
stitch end into the pad to form a loop
weave ends
You can watch the step by step video below. Feel free to pause at any time and go at your own pace.

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