Pink Fall

Hello again!

I am having lots of fun creating these kits for you! and this time I wanted to do something different. While the traditional Fall colors gives us this “warm and cozy” feeling, who says we cannot give Fall other fun colors?! so I give you… the “Pink Fall” Kit.

I found these great backgrounds that are super cute to use for these kits to decorate your spreads, and if you want to really give it a super cute look, matching planner clips are available in the shop section. If you follow my Instagram page @overtheclipbow_plans , You will see how I use the Recollections mini spiral kit.

House Rules: This is for personal use only. Please do not use commercially or modify. Like the spread and want to share it? please link the image or comments to this site, not the images. use #overtheclipbow_plans  or tag @overtheclipbow_plans in your Instagram account when showing your beautiful spreads. I cannot wait to see your tagged posts! Icons in the spread made by Smashicons,  FreepikMonkikZlatko Najden and Turkkub from

Click on images to download PDF

Published by Ivy R

Hello and welcome to my website! I have always loved doing crafts. In 2015 I discovered the planner community, and I saw all these pretty and functional accessories and I instantly fell in love. I decided to combine my love for crafting and planning to bring you my creations. I hope you love them, just as much as I did when I made them. Stop by again to see new releases coming to the shop! Iveth

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